Week 3: ‘Merica, F* Yeah! Social Standings

The patriotism was high at kickball on Week 3, and not just because Team America was there.

Everyone who was anyone came in their ‘Merican best, including quite a few dogs.

While everyone thought Team America was going to take this week’s social points based solely on theme alone, the Duke City Donkeys pulled it out of their asses (get it? donkeys?) and took 3 of the 4 available points!

How did they do it?

By costuming themselves up to the gills, providing photos galore of their patriotic donkey piñata, and winning the social game at the bar.

Here’s a taste of their fantastic costumery:




And, of course, their donkey:

IMG_9634Of course, Team America did a great job with their photo. Check out the rainbow:


And I have no idea what’s going on with Fully Loaded in this one:


But I think we can all agree, this here dog is the Most Patriotic Corgi in the U.S.:


Not to be outdone, VAG scored one point for bar attendance. They had 19 players there. Amazing.

So this week’s totals:

Duke City Donkeys: 3

VAG: 1

Week 4’s theme is People of WalMart, and the game is Defying Gravity.

Check out the overall social standings here!

And don’t forget to send your photos to Renee (renee.antoinette5786@gmail.com) by Friday each week!



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